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Overview of mortgage debt

Information for people facing mortgage arrears.

Consumer protection codes and mortgages

Mortgage lenders must adhere to codes of conduct when dealing with customers. Find out more.

Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP)

Mortgage lenders must follow a defined process when dealing with borrowers facing arrears. This process is known as MARP.

Abhaile - free mortgage arrears support

A new scheme offers financial, legal and insolvency advice to borrowers who are in serious mortgage arrears.

Alternative repayment arrangements for people in mortgage difficulty

Information on alternative repayment arrangements and other options for people faced with mortgage arrears. Issues to consider when assessing your options.

Responses to mortgage arrears and personal debt

Developments and proposals in the area of mortgage arrears and personal debt.

Mortgage Interest Supplement

Mortgage Interest Supplement provides short-term support to help you pay your mortgage interest repayments. The Mortgage Interest Supplement scheme is closed to new entrants and no new applications will be accepted.

Mortgage interest relief

Tax relief on mortgage interest payments is no longer available for new purchasers. It was due to be abolished at the end of 2017. Following Budget 2018, it is being continued on a tapered basis for people who were eligible in 2017.

Insurance protection on mortgages

Brief description of 2 different types of insurance that you can take out in respect of a mortgage.

Renting out a room in your home

Rent-a-room relief makes it possible to earn tax-free rental income when you rent out a room in your home to private tenants.

National mortgage-to-rent scheme

Describes the mortgage-to-rent scheme, which allows people in mortgage difficulty to switch to renting their homes.

Personal Insolvency Arrangements

People with secured debts who cannot pay their debts can apply for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement.

Do theach a dhíol agus tabhairt suas deonach

Home repossession

If you are unable to pay your mortgage and have exhausted all other options, your home may be repossessed. Find out how this works.