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For tenants

Overview: For tenants

An overview for people who are having difficulty paying rent.

Rent Supplement

If you are renting privately and having difficulty paying your rent, you may qualify for Rent Supplement. If you qualify for social housing support, you should apply for the Housing Assistance Payment instead.

Tax issues for tenants

Describes the rules on tax relief for private tenants, which is being phased out. Also covers the requirement to deduct tax from your rent payments if your landlord lives abroad, unless you pay rent through an agent.

Rent arrears in local authority housing

What to do if you are a local authority tenant falling behind with your rent.

Sharing accommodation with your landlord

This document explains the position of tenants who live in their landlord's home. There are different rules, depending on whether or not your accommodation is self-contained.

If your landlord wants you to leave

The rules that private landlords and housing associations must comply with when ending a residential tenancy.

Repossession of rented social housing

The procedures that local authorities must follow before repossessing a rented dwelling.